April Showers...

April Showers...

It's been so long in the making that you may have forgotten that I started a bathroom remodel project back in June of 2007. Well, last weekend was the first since June that the shower has been a functioning part of the house. Through a myriad of setbacks, failures, and delays, we have been testing our flexibility while waiting for the shower to once again be functional. I have a new found appreciation for the concept of the shower. While the bathroom is not completely finished (just some trim to put up on the wall) it is much improved from just 10 months ago.

I have learned several lessons through this project. The most important is that I would not be where I am today without the help of my father. Quite frankly I wouldn't have attempted this project if I didn't know that Dad had my back (which I know he is most excited to hear). The second important lesson is that just because it looks doable by a girl with small arms, doesn't mean that it will be doable by said girl. There were at least 10 things that under "normal" circumstances I would have been able to accomplish, but because of a screw that needed to be hacked or a wall that was impenetrable, I needed help.

I appreciate Laura's patience and agility through the duration of this project!!