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More sports...

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More sports...

It seems that I just can't get enough of sports lately. My brother and I went to the Dallas/Eagles game

on Sunday night

as undercover Dallas fans. Eagles fans are great lovers of the game; they eat, breathe, sleep, and dream green eagles. This devotion to the game brings intense emotion towards adversaries and, at times, even their own players and coaches. I'm told that the "emotion" directed toward their own team is in no way a reflection of their feelings for the team, but individual players. It was very different sitting in the stadium and not cheering when your team makes a touchdown or a good play. I've heard of opposing team fans being punched in the face for their mere presence. I could use a nose job, but can't really afford one right now. So, here are some pictures of our silent fun.

I really wanted to run out of the mouth of an eagle too... but I think that kind of thing is frowned on.

Our view... didn't seem as far away as the camera makes it appear.

This is better!

Sporting black in a sea of green!

Romo heading into the locker room.

T.O. was a welcome person in Philly.

This is how T.O. arrived at the stadium.