Road Trip

After a week of cooking and cleaning for two different groups, Kristen and I headed out on a road trip to visit Amy, our travel companion. The trip to Le Creusot was about 50km away and took about 1 hour. I drove through about 20 carrefours (or round-a-bouts) and got the car up to 110km/hour (not through the carrefours of course!) without losing any parts.

This morning Amy took us on the tour of Le Creusot that she practiced. I'm glad she practiced... cause I think we'd still be walking if she hadn't. Here are some of the sights from around Le Creusot:

Parc de la Verrerie

These are some of the animals kept in the park.

The Mayor's office

After lunch at a Chinese Buffet, we headed to the first century town of Autun about 20 minutes away. Of all the French towns that I have visited so far, Autun is on the top of the list. It has all of the elements of a stereotypical French town. See if you agree.

Cathedral Saint Lazare

Roman Gates dated in the 1st century.

I found this stage in Autun that was begging for a performance.

This was part of the grand finale!

Fans rushed the stage!

Here is a shot, after the crowd dissipated, of the ancient Roman ampitheatre.