All in a day's work...

All in a day's work...

Today was full of adventure and another gorgeous day. I took a short road trip in the morning, which was beautiful. However, I couldn't take any pictures, because I was driving. They really don't believe in guardrails, so it makes driving a much more conscious effort when navigating the hills. I did manage to pull off at one point and take this picture.

Some of the guests at the Chateau decided that today would be a good day to wear Ohio State gear. Well, I am a Penn State fan, and seeing OSU shirts doesn't make me really happy and warm inside. So, I decide to don the colors myself, wearing blue and white. However, to up it a notch, I made "We are... PSU" signs to hang in the dining room for when to group arrived for lunch. About 10 signs in all.

There were several PSU fans in the crowd that were very pleased by the sight. The OSU fans were so obviously threatened by the signs that they immediately grabbed pens and began crossing out the "P" and placing an "O" in its place. Just goes to show you the true character of OSU fans, stooping to desecrating public property. What is the sports world coming to?


This afternoon we headed to Soultre for a good hike up the mountain between lunch and dinner preparations. Here are some pictures from the hike.

Yep, we were on top of this!

The trail to the top.

The not quite so scary view of the top.

Sights along the way. I have a nice shadow, don't ya think.

Let's just say that the winds on the top were blowing at a good 20mph at least (with gusts up to 45mph). At times I could barely keep my footing.

Kristen was trying to get a good shot from the edge.

As close as I could get to the edge.