Exploring the Burgundy Valley

Today we drove north from Saint Albain through more of the Burgundy Valley. We missed the grape harvest by about a week, but the beauty of the valley was not missed. The valley and all of its vineyards were amazing. It reminded me of when I lived in Florida and couldn't believe I was seeing palm trees everyday. I had the same feeling of awe and wonder today!

The views of the valley are picturesque!

A remodeled "old" house

A Renaissance Chateau built around the 18th Century. Unlike the Chateau Saint Albain built around the 15th Century, the Renaissance Chateau's were unfortified because the country had begun to establish order by this time.


Another Renaissance Chateau. This one is privately owned, with the main quarters in the center used as a vacation home. Other families live in the various quarters around the property. Sounds like a good idea... anyone for a Deller Family Chateau? It has a nice ring to it! I'll volunteer to be the property manager and collector of great antiquity!