A tribute to a former housemate!

My traveling companions...

From Left to Right: Kristen, Amy, and ME!

Amy is slightly taller than me... standing at 5' 10". In this picture I'm trying to even things out, not working so well. I gave Amy the nickname of Sasquatch, or some days it was Gigantor!

Amy was always making me laugh. She was the one that broke the glass and was bleeding everywhere in an earlier story. There is also an unsolved mystery regarding our basil tomato sauce... I heard somewhere that it fell to the floor and crashed because someone decided to move the refrigerator.

We were biking through the countryside and Amy decided to visit the local cows. Amy is from the dairy country in Lancaster County, so I guess she was missing her "friends" at home.

Below is the video from the interaction with Amy and her cow friend.

Amy is now off to teach some French teenagers English and about American culture. I think the students are in for a real treat! We will miss her, but we hope to spend some school holidays together soon.