More pictures of Le Chateau de Saint Albain

More pictures of Le Chateau de Saint Albain

The front of the Chateau.

A side view of the Chateau.

An old wine press that has been torn apart and refurbished. The roof was put on to protect the wood... not an original part of the process.

I'll admit I take the faucet and indoor plumbing forgranted! No, it's not still being used.

The "new" part of the Chateau built about 20 yrs. ago (good thing it weathered better than the Peugeot!). They are required by the local building code to keep things uniform with the rest of the Chateau and with colors cerca 15th Century. There are 12 rooms in this building.

A sunset over the Chateau, with the town of St. Albain below. You can just see the Chateau roof and tower on the top left of the picture.

I hope that gives you a better idea of where I'm living. For those of you that were interested in any of the usual Michelle stories. Last night I was locking our house door, when I turned and ran into the living room door. I got a bump on my head which was still with me this morning, but it's gone now. The other day I was doing dishes and the pan slipped from the edge of the sink and fell into the sink. The water in the pan flew up and splashed me in the face, up my nose, and soaked the front of my hair. I immediately turned and went around the corner because I was laughing so hard. Well everyone in the dinning room heard the loud crash and then didn't see me through the window, so they thought I had collapsed to the floor. Several people ran into the dish room to make sure that I was okay... yep, just wet and laughing! I've always been pretty good at entertaining myself!